Centre of excellence for Urology and Nephrology

The Comprehensive Madhuban Kidney Centre Kidney Hospital in Delhi NCR has been established by two experts from the field of Renal Sciences so that every required Care can be offered to a person who has been suffering from a continuum of diseases under the same roof.

For curing any Kidney disease effectively, the coordination of both the Urology and Nephrology Department is impertinent.

At Madhuban Kidney Care, we have incorporated both the departments at the same place by bringing the required expertise and equipment under one roof, making MKC a “one-stop solution for patients with all sorts of Kidney disorders.

Offering a wide range of facilities starting from basic to specialized urological diagnosis and treatments supported with world-class expertise in all aspects of urological care. 

From prevention to transplant and post-transplant, we provide continuous & comprehensive care with the expertise of our renowned specialists in the field of Urology & Nephrology.

We cover the entire gamut of renal sciences hence giving the patient the best solution to any disorder that falls under the category. We understand the need of the patient and aim to provide the best comprehensive care by cutting any and every hassle that the patient might have to go through due to lack of required care.

Standards of Treatment

We provide standard treatment and latest medical technology with best facility in our clinic.

25+ Years Experience

With 25+ Years Experience and latest medical technology with best facility in our clinic.

Routine and Medical Care

We provide standard treatment with best facility in our clinic.

Excellence in Expert Care

Team of clinicians including Nephrologists, Urologists and specialists.

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