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    Madhuban Kidney Care understands the need for continuous co-ordination and collaboration between the best urologists and nephrologists in helping patients suffering from kidney problems. That is why we bring together all the best kidney specialists at a single place in Pitampura at our Hospital. Hence, we have all of the expertise, experience, and modern medical equipment and infrastructure needed to address complex renal or urinary issues. So, if you have kidney or bladder problems, immediately consult or reach out to the experts at Madhuban Kidney Care, and that’s it, we will take care of the rest.

    We assist patients suffering from any kind of renal illness, condition or disorder. Our objective is to understand our patients’ requirements, treat them and give the best care possible. 


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    Visit our nutrition clinic in Delhi to determine your ideal diet! A customised meal plan will be made for you by our diet specialists based on your needs and preferences. We support you whether to maintain heart health, lower cholesterol, or have a healthy pregnancy. Plans are also in place for treating fatty liver, avoiding kidney stones, and low-potassium diets. To keep you healthy for as long as possible, we emphasise consuming whole foods and maintaining a balanced diet. Incorporate the food regimens as per the body needs and become physically and mentally fit.

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    We thrive to extend the best possible care by our urologist, nephrologist and transplant clinicians under one roof. We have firm belief that such a holistic approach will give us insight into the disease pathophysiology, providing tailor-made individualized treatment to improve the patient outcome and longevity.

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    Kidney Hospital in Delhi NCR - MKC​​

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) projected that approximately 58 million individuals would pass away worldwide in 2005? Surprisingly, chronic illnesses accounted for 35 million of these deaths.

    As per the New Global’s Kidney health report, more than 850 Million people worldwide are affected by Chronic kidney diseases worldwide

    Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects about 10% of Indians, and more than a lakh cases of kidney failure are reported each year and 31% of these cases are consequences of diabetes only

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    Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a major health concern. But, don’t worry; there is hope. Several kidney hospitals in Delhi are able to handle these issues. The good news is that Delhi is home to the top kidney hospitals in the nation. Madhuban Kidney care is one of them with teams of top nephrologists and urologists who specialise in CKD issues These hospitals’ utilisation of modern technologies to treat complex kidney disease  distinguishes them.

    So, if you or someone you know is suffering from kidney difficulties, do not give up hope. Seek treatment at a reputable kidney hospital in Delhi. The doctors here are ready to fight beside you in your struggle against kidney disease, thanks to their expertise. Remember that early detection, diagnose and treatment will be able to heal it properly.

    Why MKC? [Madhuban Kidney Care]

    At Madhuban Kidney Care (MKC), we are dedicated to providing world-class medical facilities using the latest technology to ensure that our patients receive the best kidney treatment in the country. Our highly qualified nephrologists and urologists are committed to providing healing and cure to our patients.

    We intend to deliver urology and kidney care, as the best kidney hospital in Delhi. With modern medical technology, we ensure that our patients receive the most effective therapies.

    With over 640 reviews and 5-star ratings, we are humbled by the acknowledgment for our dialysis and kidney treatment services. Our commitment to quality has resulted in over 2000 successful kidney transplants, saving and changing countless lives. Our Kidney Surgery Hospital in Delhi is perfectly equipped to take care of patients having kidney complications, CKD and nutrition deficiencies. We have specialist transplant clinics and dietitians under one roof.

    Increasing our patients’ awareness of their circumstances allows us to plan treatment cycle and make decisions about their alternative options like surgeries or therapies.

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