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    The coordination of both the Urology and Nephrology departments is vital to cure any kidney-related ailments. At Madhuban Kidney Care, we have incorporated both the departments by bringing the required expertise and equipment under one roof, hence making MKC a “one-stop solution for patients with all sorts of Urological and Kidney disorders”.

    Covering the entire gamut of Renal Sciences, we aim to understand the need of patients and provide them with the best comprehensive care.


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    Kidney treatment in Delhi

    We cover the entire spectrum of Urology & Nephrology

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    Complete range of facilities for basic and specialized Urological diagnosis, treatments & follow ups

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    Specialization in offering evaluation and treatment for a complete range of Kidney-related conditions

    Providing Advanced Treatment for Kidney Diseases

    We thrive to extend the best possible care by our urologist, nephrologist and transplant clinicians under one roof. We have firm belief that such a holistic approach will give us insight into the disease pathophysiology, providing tailor-made individualized treatment to improve the patient outcome and longevity.

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    Kidney Hospital in Delhi NCR - MKC​​

    The WHO estimates that about 58 million deaths occurred worldwide in 2005, of which 35 million were caused by chronic diseases.

    The problem of chronic kidney disease is a worldwide health crisis, but there are many kidney hospital in Delhi NCR available to conquer these kidney diseases. If kidney disease is detected early and treated, the progression can be slowed or stopped surely.

    A team of experienced nephrologists and urologists at Kidney Surgery Hospital in Delhi NCR provides one of the best renal care services in the country. These hospitals use innovative and minimally invasive methods to treat complex kidney problems.

    Why MKC? [Madhuban Kidney Care]

    At MKC, the world-class facilities, cutting-edge technology, and highly qualified team of nephrologists and urologists serve their patients to receive some of the best renal care in the nation. Our sole aim is to provide the best comprehensive urology and kidney care and these specialties has made us the best kidney hospital in Delhi NCR.

    • Complete with state of the art advanced technology.
    • 600 + reviews and 5 Star ratings makes us grateful for the contribution done.
    • With more than 1100 Kidney Transplants, MKC has continued saving and transforming lives.

    The Division of Nephrology at MKC offers the optimal combination of advanced technology and expert care from a team of nephrologists and urologists.

    In our Kidney Surgery Hospital in Delhi NCR, we strive to provide the best possible care from our #urologists and #nephrologists, transplant clinics and nutritionists under one roof. We believe such an approach gives our patients a better understanding of their condition, allowing us to provide tailored-made treatments.

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