Best Nephrology Hospital in Delhi NCR

Nephrology is a term for studying kidneys in both kids and adults. Nephrology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of Kidney-related ailments. Kidney diseases are not just complications but disorders, i.e. they affect other organs too since they are not only confined to the organ itself. 

Kidneys do more than just filter your blood. If they’re not working properly, you could have problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, or trouble with minerals in your body. Nephrologists are the experts who help deal with these issues and keep you healthy. The doctors who specialise in kidney and urology treatment are nephrologists.

At Madhuban Kidney Care (MKC), our nephrologists are experts in fixing all kinds of kidney problems, even the really tough ones.

Our team of experts and top Nephrologist in Delhi under one roof offer treatment for everyone be they from any age group, from children to elders. At MKC, our specialist team of clinicians including Nephrologists, Top urologist in Delhi are educated from reputed institutions across the world,  Kidney transplant specialists, and other nursing staff collaborate to help persons with kidney and urinary issues.

Our doctors help keep kidney problems away from developing. Even if you do not feel ill, your kidneys may sometimes require assistance. That is why consulting a kidney specialist is important.

Our Nephrology experts invest time, effort, and expertise to deliver the best Kidney care

Providing 360-degree care to patients suffering from a spectrum of chronic and acute Kidney diseases.

Diseases Treated Under the Branch of Nephrology

Madhuban Kidney Care has a department dedicated entirely to kidneys. We provide effective treatment and therapies for kidney diseases at a reasonable cost with proper diet plans. The doctors use latest medical technology to diagnose and treat kidney issues.

Our kidney surgeons give surgery treatments on kidney donors using minimum cuts and less invasive methods, which reduces recovery following surgery time and hospitalisation. The department follows rigid infection control practices, immunosuppressive protocols, and a proactive guard against complications and their cause. Our Hospital in Delhi handles patients with the following issues:

Kidneys function as super filters in your body. They do a variety of essential duties to maintain things in balance. They remove waste and excess fluid, ensure you have the proper water, salt, and minerals, and assist in keeping your blood pressure. The kidneys also contribute to producing red blood cells and some vitamins. They serve as the body’s cleaning workers and balance keepers.

Why Choose Madhuban Kidney Care?

Madhuban Kidney Care (MKC) in Delhi is one of the best hospitals in Delhi for kidney and bladder problems. We are specialised experts in treating things like kidney stones and bladder cancer. At our hospital, doctors try to work hard day and night to help you feel better if you’re having urology or nephrology issues. We use modern technology and have exceptional facilities including laboratories to determine what is wrong with your urine system.

We believe organised communication and empathy are required to satisfy the patient’s needs and reduce any fear related to renal disease treatment therapy. The hospital is well-known for helping people with kidney problems. We give them the right tests and treatments. and have perfrmed over 1,500 kidney transplants.