Making a one-to-one team with your doctor | One of the Best Kidney Doctors in Delhi NCR

Doctor-patient relationships (DPR) are considered to be at the very core of medical ethics. Usually, a doctor develops a DPR when he serves a patient’s medical needs through a check-up, diagnosis, and treatment.

During the course of treatment (especially when the treatment is long), this relationship with the Kidney Specialist in Delhi  transforms into a family; where the patients not only share their medical issues but other issues as well.

The patient becomes part of the family and our doctors continue their treatment in the same manner.

Usually in other hospitals, DPR exists till the treatment, but here at MKC we build a healthy relationship even after the treatment. Keeping track of records, taking follow-ups, and providing a safe, non-hesitating atmosphere for the patients is our first priority.

What role does a kidney specialist doctors play in making your health safer?

MKC provides effective and high-quality treatment for kidney diseases. All our doctors have 25 years of combined experience and practise at the leading kidney hospital in Delhi NCR. We offer an up-to-date medical approach in an ethical and reliable environment. Our urologists, Dr Vikas Jain and Nephrologist Dr Suman Lata, along with other members of the team of doctors, make a customized plan for taking care of health.

The reputation of MKC among the Kidney Doctors in Delhi NCR is maintained by our skilled medical staff committed to quality care and uncompromising focus when it comes to proficiency and academic values.

Patients TRUST their doctor for the right advice.

When patients trust their doctor, they are more likely to truly open up and share information, resulting in a greater sense of autonomy and joint decision-making. Our patients trust our doctors a lot, and that’s what makes MKC so confident among Kidney Doctors in Delhi NCR. So, make a one-to-one TEAM with your doctor and let him or her be a straight partner in your healthcare needs. 

It’s important to not let mediators come in between (like you do not let mediators interfere in your family).

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