An outbreak of COVID-19 had bought a lot of diet & lifestyle-related information from medical as well as other sources. And the only purpose was to boost immunity so that a person can easily stay safe in the situation of a widespread pandemic.

While, for people who are already affected by a pre-existing medical condition, the amount of care & precautions are required to be on the extra side; and Renal or Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is one of those ailments. They are already at a higher risk of contracting a virus. Patients with CKD, usually have multiple underlying medical conditions, which may be hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, or obesity.

A healthy lifestyle and thoughtful meal plan can control several diseases, such as blood sugar or blood pressure. If these medical issues remain uncontrolled, CKD progresses at a very faster pace. Since the spread of COVID-19, the consultation with Doctors is also majorly over voice or video call. However, if the monitoring of a patient’s vitals is not very meticulous, it may deteriorate their condition.

Health Plan for Patients with CKD

A mindful lifestyle & nutritious eating habits are basic practices to become healthier, more immune, prevent diseases, or control the worsening of ailments in the body. Let’s know the suitable diet for CKD patients:


  • Ample of fruits: Apple, Papaya, Pear, Guava
  • Lots of Vegetables: Bottle Gourd, Ridged Gourd (Torai), Apple Guard (Tinda), Coccinia (Kundru), Onion, Capsicum
  • Preferably home cooked meals
  • Moderate milk & milk products (skimmed or toned milk)
  • Plenty of fluid (water)
  • Buck wheat, Sago, Arrowroot
  • Pulses: Moong, Arhar, Red masoor

Have not:

  • Processed, packed, canned, ready to eat, fried food
  • Excess of salt, sugar, fat, potassium based food products
  • Fruits: Banana, Kiwi, Avocado, Citrus fruits, dry fruits, pomegranate, prunes, amla, jackfruit, peach
  • Whole wheat products: pearl millet (Bajra), finger millet (Ragi), barley (jo), Sorghum (jawar), brown rice
  • Phosphorus: Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, beans, lentils)
  • Whole pulses

Renal Patients & Covid Safety

As we move along ‘new normal’, to enhance the immune system, renal-friendly food should also consist of Protein, Vitamin A, C & E, Zinc along with other nutrients, besides multi-vitamins. Apart from the regular medication, one must keep enough healthy food at home, to safely survive in the possibilities of lockdown. And all this is required complying with usual covid-safety measures: regular hand hygiene, washing & sanitization; triple-layer surgical mask; & social distancing. Patients undergoing dialysis, need to follow all covid-safety practices, as well as thorough coughing etiquettes of covering the mouth or coughing or sneezing in the elbow. They must be, preferably, dialyzed in isolation, a separate room with the door closed.

In the case of CKD, the key is to control blood pressure & blood glucose to maintain kidney health. The patient also must ensure a healthy body weight with nutritious food and regular physical activity. Since, one cannot move out to gyms or parks for exercise or a simple walking, jogging. or running, during the course of a pandemic. The exercises should be performed at home itself.

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At Madhuban Kidney Care, we provide advanced, personalized & quality-driven treatments to patients with Kidney Diseases to improve their health and longevity. We aim to provide the best possible care by our well-harmonized expert team of excellent urologists, nephrologists, and transplant clinicians, also advanced equipment under a single roof. We strongly believe that such a holistic approach enhances our understanding of disease pathophysiology. We cover Renal Science to understand the unique needs of patients and provide the best, unparalleled & comprehensive care by cutting any & every inconvenience that patients might suffer, due to insufficient care.

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